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Key Takeaways

Reduced time, money and effort with robust operations.

Increased efficiency and proven delivery for tenant satisfaction.

Inbound and outbound mail and couriers managed daily with outsourcing.

The Challenge

Precinct Properties is the largest owner and developer of premium inner-city business space in Auckland and Wellington. For a client of such high-calibre, only a premium solution would suffice when it came to servicing tenants situated in the heart of one of Auckland’s most transformational projects - Commercial Bay

Commercial Bay sits in the heart of Auckland’s waterfront and is home to a selection of the finest retailers, food and beverage purveyors and office professionals.  As the developer for this world class space, Precinct Properties recognised a need to partner with an experienced provider to deliver world class print, mail and courier services to its tenants, with the ability for tenants to also expand services directly as required to support their operational processes within their new location.

“I think the most important thing from day one in working with Canon Business Services ANZ is certainly the partnership approach - They really understood our vision for the project. It's just so fantastic to see people enjoying what we've created.”

Anthony Randell, Portfolio Manager Precinct Properties

The Solution


Precinct Properties partnered with Canon Business Services ANZ (formerly Converga) to support the design and delivery of world class shared Print, Mail and Courier services for the tenants of Commercial Bay. 

Onsite Managed Services


Canon Business Services ANZ (CBS) – have over 25 years’ experience in business process outsourcing and a reputation for driving business efficiency.  In the case of Commercial Bay, CBS has a team of experienced staff located in the Mail & Courier Service Centre in the PwC Tower, providing mail and courier services daily for the tenants of the PwC Tower and Jarden House, allowing tenants to focus their energy on higher priority tasks. CBS has leveraged its significant experience through our people, processes and technology platforms, locally and internationally, to design and deliver the mailroom and its processes, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery model is in place for Precinct and the Commercial Bay tenants.  It was very unique for us to be involved during the design phase of this project, and through this collaborative approach with Precinct, we have managed to create a world class facility for our team to operate from daily – 


What does world class look like?

CBS has commenced discussions with tenants around additional value-added services offered and we look forward to continuing these into the future, as each organisation settles and evolves and settles into Commercial Bay. 

Print Service Centre


By setting up a Canon Print Services Centre in Jarden House, tenants of Commercial Bay are able to outsource any printing requirements they have through a simple online portal.  Canon owns and operates the service allowing businesses to free themselves from overheads, staffing and related capital costs.   


Utilising best-in-class production print devices along with highly skilled print staff, Canon offers a vast range of print media and finishing capabilities.  From business cards to brochures, retail signage to rendering and everything in-between, customers are able to discuss any specialty requirements with the print staff and also select from advanced templates online.  


The online print portal allows tenants to upload various work types and submit them directly to the print facility.  Live quoting displays accurate pricing and a large range of media and finishing options.  Tenants are provided with personalised logins allowing them to view job status updates and receive email notifications on progress.

The Results 


Canon Business Services ANZ is incredibly proud to partner with Precinct Properties in the provision of shared Print/Mail and Courier services to the tenants of Commercial Bay and we look forward to working alongside the tenants to explore other ways to add value.

95% customer satisfaction

25+ years experience

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