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Boost performance for critical applications with Managed SD-WAN Australia

With more organisations adopting the Cloud than ever, using traditional WAN to backhaul all traffic from branch offices to headquarters (including traffic destined for the Cloud) introduces latency and impairs application performance.

SD-WAN simplifies your WAN, lowering your costs and bandwidth efficiency and delivering a seamless on-ramp to the Cloud without sacrificing your security or data privacy.

SD WAN content image
SD WAN content image

A platform optimised for your SD-WAN.

If you’re looking for a secure SD-WAN solution based on Fortinet next-gen firewall and SD-WAN technology, our network provides the ideal platform to build a high-performance, flexible network.

When you use our Business Internet in all office and data centre locations, your traffic never leaves our network backbone, allowing us to guarantee availability and performance in a way simply not possible with mixed providers.

We partner with all major Australian carriers and a wide range of international carriers to ensure the best reach for your customer base. Our expert team of architects and engineers design and implement our network based on our deep understanding of your requirements. You get added peace of mind knowing our diverse connectivity to all major Cloud providers allows you to implement a simpler, more secure multi-Cloud strategy.

Secure, agile, and responsive network services.

Boost your performance.

Get high-performance internet services via fibre optic, fixed wireless, nbn™, and cellular access on the Canon Business Services ANZ (CBS) network backbone.

Fast start.

Enjoy a turnkey experience with our complete solution design, deployment and migration services.

Lower costs, great ROI.

Connect users to applications and lower WAN costs by up to 90%—our SD-WAN solution means you can now augment or even replace MPLS connections with broadband internet services.

Greater agility.

Direct internet connectivity provides simpler, more consistent Cloud-based application performance. Using broadband for WAN connectivity means new offices can be online in hours, not weeks.

Stay connected.

Applications are the lifeblood of your business. If they’re down, work stops. If they’re slow, you lose productivity and revenue. Direct internet connectivity makes good business sense.

Simplify your WAN management.

Cloud-based SD-WAN adds value by providing an integrated, centralised view of the network you can easily manage at scale.

Reduce costs, boost application performance, and ensure you stay productive with our next-gen SD-WAN solutions. Stop letting legacy WAN slow your network down. It’s time to unleash the full potential of Cloud for your business.

SD WAN content image

Delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

Get it done.

We believe getting on with change is critical. Our unique client delivery framework is transparent and focused on outcomes, giving you access to strategy, operations, support and service delivery specialists under one vendor.

Highly regulated IT.

We specialise in highly regulated industries where data protection is critical for a competitive edge. We’ve helped hundreds of organisations transition to secure, compliant IT environments, conforming with APRA, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 requirements and obligations.

Partnership in performance.

As part of the Canon Group—one of the world’s most trusted companies—we help you realise your full potential and extract the most value for your organisation. Partner with us to get you where you want to be faster—we’re here to help you go the distance.

Specialists for 2 decades and counting.

We’ve built a robust reputation for helping organisations like yours achieve more from their technological strategies and realise business value faster. We deep dive into your business goals to find solutions that align, enable and drive your business forward.

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Make sure your people always have access to the applications they need to transform your business.

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“Thanks to the service we received from NetSG and Canon Business Services ANZ, we now have seamless infrastructure between our sites that fit our needs perfectly – both for the present and long-term. The result has been a robust, agile SD-WAN network – rolled out effectively, with customer service and project management we could rely on the entire time.” Scott Chapman, IT Manager, AAM Group

Case Study

Case study AU: AAM Group works with NetSG and CBS to install SD-WAN

Canon Business Services ANZ and NetSG partner to implement a more agile network service for AAM Group.
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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

Industries we help

Other Network, Voice and Data services

We deliver a range of network services to help you achieve more. Tailor a solution to meet your exact needs and start optimising your operations today.


Frequently asked questions

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN solutions represent a transformative approach to network connectivity, leveraging software-defined technology to enhance network services, manage SD-WAN services, and elevate overall application performance. These managed SD-WAN solutions redefine traditional networks by providing secure connectivity, optimising WAN traffic, and offering comprehensive network management. By embracing software-defined networking, businesses can unlock the full potential of their network capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient connection that empowers their entire network infrastructure.

What are the different types of SD-WAN?

The different types of SD-WAN include On-Premises, Cloud-Enabled, Cloud-Native, Hybrid, Virtual, Managed, DIY, and Secure. Each type comes with its own set of features; for instance, On-Premises SD-WAN requires hardware appliances and offers a high level of control, while Cloud-Native SD-WAN is entirely software-based and allows for rapid scaling. Managed SD-WAN is overseen by a third-party service provider and includes setup, maintenance, and security, whereas DIY SD-WAN requires hands-on management but provides complete control.

What are the benefits of managed SD-WAN?

Managed SD-WAN solutions provide comprehensive network management and capabilities. They enhance network services and ensure secure connectivity, optimising application performance across the entire network. Managed SD-WAN services go beyond traditional networks, offering software-defined solutions that efficiently manage WAN traffic and elevate your network's performance.

What should I look for in an SD-WAN provider?

When selecting an SD-WAN provider, consider their expertise in SD-WAN solutions and managed network services. Look for a provider with a track record in network management, capable of delivering secure connectivity and optimising application performance. Evaluate their network capabilities, including software-defined solutions, to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

What are the components of SD-WAN solution?

An SD-WAN solution comprises various components that enhance network connectivity and application performance. These include software-defined networking technology, secure connectivity features, efficient management of WAN traffic, and robust network services. Managed SD-WAN solutions offer comprehensive network management, ensuring optimal application performance and seamless connectivity.

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