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The best time to uplift your cybersecurity efforts is now.

No industry in Australia is immune to cloud security concerns. But many—from financial institutions to manufacturers, healthcare to retailers— still have minimal security (and security monitoring) in place.

And while APRA requirements and compliance are increasingly top of mind for Australian organisations, ultimately, passing a cybersecurity assessment shouldn’t be the primary motivation for sorting out your security.

Securing your business, IP, and data and protecting your customers and their data—regardless of your compliance responsibilities—matters most in today’s complex security environment.

cybersecurity uplift
cybersecurity uplift

Defend against threats. Uplift security. Safeguard resources.

Get total visibility across your whole digital environment and AI-powered threat detection and response in a single, fully integrated security solution that ticks all the boxes.

Our cybersecurity Uplift services for Australian organisations are integrated with Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud and built on the Azure Cloud for unlimited speed and the scalability your organisation demands. It all fits your needs for assurance, resilience, and responsive action. Plus, the system supports audits and better practices for overall protection. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you’ve got unrivalled security posture management, advanced threat intelligence, and incident and event management, tailored to your exact requirements.

See everything instantly at a glance with our next-gen cloud security solution.

Accelerated security uplift.

Get your cloud security solution up and running faster. In under 3 weeks, you’ll be firmly on track to continuously assess your security posture, secure resources, and defend and resolve threats.

Rapid info.

Instantly updates you on threats to, and attacks on, your workloads and services.

Vast threat intelligence

Collect security data across your whole organisation for vast threat intelligence.

Unrivalled responsiveness.

AI-powered investigation and incident response for leading-edge detection and security.

See the whole picture.

Get a complete overview of your hybrid environment’s security configuration quickly and easily.

Protect your business and customer data from cyber threats with next-gen cloud security uplift technologies that let you see what’s happening where (and stop it) in an instant.

Delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

A true MSSP.

We’re proud to be among the few Australian MSSPs in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), which means we can better defend you against a world of increasing cyber threats.

Advanced security specialisations

Choose the team with 3 Azure advanced security specialisations (Identity & Access Management, Cloud Security and Threat Protection) to safeguard your organisation today.

More than an assessment.

When you work with us, you get access to a complete suite of security services to help you develop your security roadmap, uplifting your security posture and ongoing threat management.

Peace of mind.

As part of Canon Global, we’re here to stay and always by your side. You can rest assured you’re dealing with a trusted partner in Canon Business Services ANZ.

Vendor agnostic.

We specialise deeply across multiple leading vendors, so you get the best-of-breed security solutions and great returns on your investment.

cybersecurity uplift

Why choose CBS Australia for a Cybersecurity uplift?

At CBS Australia we know what's required to safeguard your organisation today, and keep you ahead of emerging threats coming tomorrow. We’re proud to be among the few Australian MSSPs in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), which means we can better defend you against a world of increasing cyber threats. Additionally, CBS is one of the few MSSP’s holding key security certifications including the three Azure Advanced Security Specialisations, across Identity & Access Management, Cloud Security and Threat Protection, and we are SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

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Secure your organisation against cyberattacks and safeguard your cloud, business, data, and customers now.

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“The cloud security posture of many companies out there scares me. Most still aren’t taking today’s security risks seriously. Organisations don’t seem to fully grasp the implications and consequences of a breach, including the cost to remediate and the potential risk of damage to their brand reputation after a cyberattack.” Todd Elliott, General Manager at Satalyst, part of Canon Business Services ANZ


Our fully certified solutions help ensure your business meets all its regulatory requirements.

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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

Industries we help

Other IT Security and Compliance services

We deliver a range of IT Security services to help you achieve more. Tailor a solution to meet your exact needs and start optimising your operations today.


Frequently asked questions

When is a security uplift appropriate?

A security uplift is appropriate when an organisation needs to strengthen its security measures in response to emerging threats, vulnerabilities, or changes in its risk profile. It typically involves enhancing security controls, conducting security assessments, and implementing updated security policies and practices. This proactive approach ensures that the organisation remains resilient against evolving cybersecurity threats.

How does CBS ensure organisational and executive confidence in resilience?

Canon Business Services (CBS) ensures organisational and executive confidence in resilience through a combination of measures. They offer comprehensive cybersecurity services, including penetration testing and incident response, to identify and address vulnerabilities promptly. CBS also provides ongoing support and tailored security strategies aligned with the organisation's objectives. By demonstrating technical expertise and a proactive approach to cybersecurity, CBS instills confidence in executives that their digital assets are well-protected.

Does CBS provide business continuity planning?

Yes, CBS provides business continuity planning services. We work with organisations to develop effective strategies for maintaining critical operations during disruptive events, such as natural disasters or cyberattacks. This includes identifying critical business functions, creating recovery plans, and ensuring data backups and redundancy measures are in place. Business continuity planning is essential to minimise downtime and ensure the organisation can continue to function smoothly in the face of unexpected disruptions.

What are the key components or elements of a strong cyber security posture?

 A strong cyber security posture comprises several components, including robust firewalls, regular software updates, access controls, employee training, incident response plans, and encryption measures. These elements collectively create a resilient defense against cyber attacks.

How does a robust cyber security posture help protect against cyber threats and data breaches?

A solid cyber security posture enhances an organisation's ability to detect and respond to cyber threats promptly. It helps prevent unauthorised access, data breaches, and malware attacks. By effectively safeguarding systems and sensitive information, a strong posture maintains business continuity and safeguards against financial and reputational damage.

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