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Robotic Process Automation: Anything that can be automated, should be.

The manual business processes and tasks managed by your staff can be time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution employs intelligent Cloud-based software to automate repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity, profitability, and cost efficiency for your Australian business.

With Robotic Process Automation software, you can optimise your existing systems, offloading routine activities to software robots. This empowers your team to focus on strategic decision-making and exception management, while RPA tools handle routine tasks. Drive business progress by freeing up valuable human resources from repetitive tasks.

Robotics Process Automation content image
Robotics Process Automation content image

Reduce complexity and risk with our RPA as a Service model.

60% of Australian organisations implementing traditional RPA licenses find that managing and comprehending the technology proves to be the major hurdle. Traditional RPA solutions require licensing, infrastructure, retraining, hiring, and consulting, which introduces complications like hidden costs, loss of control, and a shortage of skills.

Choose an RPA solution that provides more. We don't just automate and enhance your processes; we grant you access to the expertise, skills, and support necessary for innovation and growth. There's no need for infrastructure investment, and you won't have to hire or train staff. Scale up confidently, knowing you have the right skills on call.

Accuracy. Speed. Increased performance.

Accuracy. Speed. Increased performance.

Deploy automation for routine and highly repetitive tasks for greater efficiency and accuracy of 98% or higher on average.

Optimise your processes.

You can achieve reliable and consistent processes with the help of automation technology, specifically RPA technology. Ensure tasks are completed consistently every time, reducing errors and variability.

Solutions for every department.

Configure our RPA as a Service solution to mimic processes unique to your organisation, including Finance, IT, Customer Services, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Administrative departments.

Remove the complexities of RPA

Eliminate the complexities and stress associated with traditional RPA setups. It's not only operational within weeks but also costs significantly less. We become your partners in a continuous journey of innovation and efficiency, helping you implement RPA across your business systems and achieve efficiency gains through our RPA centre.

Focus on growth.

Improving your customers' experience is essential. Improve processing times and speed up tasks to free up your employees for more valuable tasks that contribute to your business's growth. This makes your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Automation Toolkit

Detangle the confusion of Digital Transformation with our free guide to starting your automation journey.

Get started

Our RPA as a Service model releases your business from all the stress of traditional RPA setups, and it’s operational in a matter of weeks, at just a fraction of the cost and effort. We partner with clients on an ongoing journey of innovation and efficiency.

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RPA Blueprint

Get the Blueprint to RPA and gain the productivity your business needs to thrive.


Delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

Build on our expertise

We can automate business processes across any software platform without changing your existing IT infrastructure.

Extensive experience

We've built our 25-year industry expertise in business process optimisation and outsourcing for a broad range of sectors, including Finance, IT, Professional Services, Customer Services, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Administration.

Free your talent.

We optimise your business processes and embed enabling technologies, freeing our clients to focus on what sets them apart. Our Centre of Excellence experts look for innovative ways to optimise your RPA and create more agile, flexible outcomes for your business.

Reduce complexity.

Our RPA as a Service delivers improved accuracy, reliability and efficiency, giving you complete control over your costs. Reduce the complexity and risk of setting up an RPA solution yourself - no licensing, infrastructure, retraining or hiring needed.

Start small.

Get all the benefits of an RPA programme without the challenges of getting there on your own. Start with a small automation experiment, assess the opportunity, and scale gradually without the risk and investment of a large roll out.

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Optimise your daily tasks and processes today to free up your staff to focus on core business.

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"Canon Business Services ANZ has enabled us to automate a complicated 45-minute manual task, saving time and hassle. The robot amends scheduled payments for customers and ensures they are contacted appropriately based on the new payment schedule. Based on this schedule, we’re taking our learnings from this robot and applying it to other cash allocation processes.” Matt Devine, CFO, Allied Credit

Download Data Sheet

Download our RPA information sheet today and gain the productivity your business needs to thrive.


Examples of Robotic Process Automation in use:

Document processing

RPA is suitable for any workflow with predictable documents, offering operational agility. It reads data from forms, reducing the need for human intervention. This capability applies to tasks like automated invoice processing and expediting loan application decisions, making it especially beneficial for handling high-volume tasks in the back office of digital systems. RPA efficiently moves files and streamlines processes, enhancing overall efficiency.


Removing the human component in specific document workflows, such as medical or financial records, enhances compliance efforts. RPA, like software developed by citizen developers, imitates human workflows and actions. It does so on a larger scale and with greater precision, making it a valuable tool for maintaining compliance within digital systems used by various business units. Additionally, RPA efficiently handles tasks like moving files, ensuring streamlined processes and reducing the potential for errors.

Customer services and service desk

RPA bots enhance customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience by automating repetitive tasks during initial contact through chat, email, or phone. They efficiently gather basic customer data and direct interactions to the appropriate division, level, or specialisation. This simplifies processes and ensures that business users can provide a more streamlined and effective response to customer inquiries, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and a better customer experience.


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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

Industries we help

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Frequently asked questions

What is robotic process automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that uses software robots or bots to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks in business processes. These bots mimic human actions on a computer, such as data entry, form filling, and data extraction, to streamline and accelerate tasks.

Why is RPA important?

RPA is important because it helps organisations increase efficiency and reduce human error in routine tasks. It allows employees to focus on higher-value activities, improves process accuracy, and enhances overall productivity. Additionally, RPA can work 24/7, providing consistent performance and cost savings.

How fast can I onboard RPA to my business?

Onboarding RPA to your business can be relatively fast, often taking just a few weeks for simple tasks. The timeline depends on the complexity of the processes to be automated, the availability of the required infrastructure, and the level of customisation needed. It's important to plan and assess your automation needs thoroughly.

How can I scale RPA as an Operations Manager?

As an Operations Manager, you can scale RPA by identifying additional processes suitable for automation. Collaborate with RPA developers to create and deploy new bots. Ensure proper monitoring and maintenance of existing bots to optimise performance. Continuously evaluate processes for automation potential, align RPA initiatives with business goals, and invest in employee training to support RPA expansion across the organisation.

How do robotic process automation solutions differ from traditional automation methods?

Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions use software robots to automate repetitive tasks by mimicking human actions. Unlike traditional automation, which often requires complex coding and fixed rules, RPA is more flexible and can handle tasks across various applications without major system changes.

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