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IT consultants that help you plan, transform and grow.

As technology-driven transformation continues at pace in Australia, the need to quickly embrace new technology to unlock value and deliver competitive advantage is greater than ever.

To stay one step ahead, you need a business-led approach to building and managing technology—and an aligned IT strategy that documents your business context, supports key initiatives, and constructs a strategic roadmap focused on success.

We do a deep dive into your business needs today and tomorrow. Only then do we create a fit-for-purpose IT strategy that gets you where you want to go faster and more efficiently.

IT Consulting content image
IT Consulting content image

IT consulting tailored to you.

No two clients are alike. That’s why we apply our industry expertise, deep technical skills, and remarkable people to find right-fit solutions to your unique needs.

We take a consultative approach to guide you through the design process and ensure our solution recommendations align with your business requirements. We’ll co-create an IT strategy that responds to your business objectives, governance structures, budget and organisational challenges.

Our talented Australian-based team will work with you from the initial concept to the implementation, training, and ongoing infrastructure management from simple networks to complex systems. We succeed when you succeed.

Reach your tech goals faster with CBS IT consulting.

Consultive and co-creation approach.

You know more about your business than we ever could. We know technology. Together, we’ll unlock the true potential of your business.

Access business-critical skills.

We bring a wealth of experience and capability to every project. We’re here to help you tackle everything–from data centre and network transformation to designing and executing a digital workplace strategy; from transitioning to the Cloud to ensuring compliance and locking in security.

Highly engaged PMO team.

High-performing project management is a delicate balance between art and science. It’s the difference between being on time and budget and having the skills to control competing priorities and management’s expectations. We’re passionate about project delivery and your success, so you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Skilled experts on demand.

Tap into our expertise as and when you need it. Lean on our team to get out in front of those short- or long-term projects holding your business back.

Manage costs.

Our voucher structure means you only pay for the time you need so that you can avoid budget blowouts. Bank our IT consulting services for when you need them over the year ahead.


With offices across Australia’s eastern states and New Zealand, you can count on us to go anywhere you need us. We are the firm for IT consulting in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond!

IT consulting that goes deeper.

We take a deep dive into your business challenges so we can deliver the solution that’s perfect for your needs. Lean on our talented experts when, where, and for as long you need us—we’re here to unlock your technology’s true potential and harness it for greater business success.

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IT consulting services delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

Specialists for 2 decades and counting.

We’ve built a robust reputation for helping organisations achieve more from their technological strategies and realise business value faster, with enabling solutions aligned to business goals.

Highly regulated IT.

Our customer footprint is unrivalled across highly regulated industries where data protection is critical for a competitive edge. We comply with APRA, PCI DSS, CPS 234, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

Get it done.

There’s a reason industry leaders in highly regulated industries such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Professional Services trust our team. We believe getting on with change is critical.

Partnership in performance.

As part of the Canon Group, we help you realise your full potential and extract the most value for your organisation. Partner with us to get you where you want to be faster.

IT consulting

IT Services vs. IT Consulting: What’s the difference?

Both IT consulting and IT services are managed services that Australian businesses rely on partners to deliver, but they differ in focus. Managed IT services focus on delivering solutions or ongoing services over time, generally aligned to an SLA. These could be infrastructure support, helpdesk services, or any of a wide range of IT capabilities. IT consulting, on the other hand is most often project based, on an as needed basis, and focuses on the strategy underlying those solutions and deliverables. IT consulting helps businesses formulate a plan; IT services deliver on that plan.

Does my business need IT Consulting?

Many Australian businesses’ IT strategy is little more than chasing the next crisis or replacing the next piece of tech to go obsolete. But nearly every modern business is on some level a technology business, so gaining a clear IT strategy aligned to business goals and requirements is crucial to ongoing success.

IT consulting builds this strategy and facilitates the achievement of business technology goals, making technology an empowering force, not a hindrance or blocker.

Without a clear IT strategy from an experienced team of IT consultants, your business will be firefighting, not executing. You’ll not be able to leverage technology as a competitive advantage and will likely fall behind competition that are leveraging tech to be more efficient, effective, agile, deliver better CX, and ensure security and compliance.

If any of these are a concern, you need IT consulting services to help you define the big picture and set the road map to realising a holistic vision for your IT strategy.

IT consulting
IT Consulting 6

What qualifications and expertise should I look for in an Australian IT consulting firm?

When searching for an Australian IT consulting firm, it's essential to focus on qualifications and expertise. A reliable IT consulting firm should have professionals who possess technical skills, knowledge, and experience to deal with different IT environments. Look for a company that has certified technicians, project managers, network engineers, and other experts who can offer solutions suitable for your business needs. The ideal firm should have extensive experience in IT consulting, with a track record of successfully implementing technological solutions for different clients. Lastly, strong problem-solving and communication skills are essential, as these will ensure they can effectively troubleshoot issues and relay complex information clearly

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What makes Canon Business Services Australia’s IT Consulting unique?

At CBS Australia, we adopt a consultative and collaborative approach to solving your technology and business challenges. Be that developing an entire IT strategy or solving specific and immediate needs. We understand that every business is distinct, so we invest the time in learning about your business and what you need to succeed. This deep understanding of your business and its goals enables us to deliver a powerful, bespoke IT strategy that is not only fit for today but also agile enough to adapt to your evolving business needs.

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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

Industries we help

Frequently asked questions

Does Canon Business Services develop an IT strategy?

In a consultative approach leveraging everything your team knows about your business and everything we know about IT strategy, CBS collaborates with you to develop an IT strategy that is aligned to your business goals, positions technology as an enabler and surpasses your expectations. This strategy gives clarity and direction to ensure business alignment, resourcing, accountability and investment.

How does IT consulting work?

IT consulting involves developing a comprehensive IT strategy by identifying current gaps and envisioning a more effective approach. We deeply understand your business goals and existing IT operations, collaborating to enhance your IT future. Our expertise guides digital transformation initiatives and aligns technical services with your objectives.
We offer industry-specific insights, risk management, and seamless software implementation. Our technology consulting shapes strategic plans using the latest solutions, including cloud services. Throughout, we prioritise security, industry standards, and a holistic IT perspective.

What other IT services are needed for a business?

Many organisations benefit from both IT consulting services and IT managed services, receiving both the high-level strategy and the day-to-day execution from a single trusted partner to ensure tightly integrated delivery that exceeds expectations. When you choose CBS, you can get the best of both categories from a single, powerful partner. CBS offers best-in-class IT consulting and IT managed services.

What makes Canon Business Services' IT Consulting unique?

Our consultative, collaborative approach means we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to your business. We believe every business is truly unique, so we take the time to learn who you are and what you need to succeed. This deep understanding enables us to deliver a powerful, customised IT strategy that is fit for today and agile to adapt as your business needs do. With a presence that spans Australia and New Zealand, we’re able to bring regional scale and deep localised knowledge.

What are the different types of IT consulting services?

IT consulting services encompass a range of offerings designed to support your business's technology needs. These services span strategic initiatives, business process optimization, emerging technologies, and more. Expert consultants tailor solutions to your specific business goals and objectives, providing professional guidance on everything from IT strategy to risk management.

Other IT Professional services

We deliver a range of IT Professional services to help you achieve more. Tailor a solution to meet your exact needs and start optimising your operations today.


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