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Risk management with effective Governance and Compliance.

Constant technological advances in Australia make for an exciting business environment, but adoption requires a formal process to manage the associated risks. Meanwhile, increasingly complex regulatory requirements demand that you demonstrate compliance and solution effectiveness to boards, Australian government bodies, and stakeholders.

Integrating your IT risk management with enterprise risk and broader organisational strategic objectives for success is crucial. Without an IT governance and compliance strategy, all your risk and compliance capabilities exist in different silos, making it difficult to quickly deal with risk and uncertainty.

Compliance and Governance content image
Compliance and Governance content image

Streamlined compliance solutions.

There’s no question that a tsunami of regulatory change is on the horizon for many Australian industries, particularly banking, financial services and superannuation. In addition to specific regulatory changes to be carefully planned, prioritised and managed, organisations will also need to take a broader look at how they approach non-financial risk management. We can help your Governance and Compliance needs.

We understand how important it is to determine how much risk your organisation can accept without compromising returns. We can help you improve your IT risk management or assist with designing and implementing a new process with IT Risk Assessments and compliance testing delivered by industry experts.

IT Security Checklist

Transform Your Cyber Defense: Prioritised Actions for Staying Ahead of Threats.


Know your risks with CBS compliance experts.

360-degree visibility.

Pull together all your IT risk, compliance and governance functions into one strategy, so you can adapt quickly as regulations change.

Document and demonstrate.

Know what policies and procedures you still need to adopt, those already in place, and feel confident showing which are already taking effect.

Higher-quality outcomes.

Move away from high-level generic or templated documentation with a more tailored, specific approach to Compliance and Governance.

Specialist support.

We’re deep compliance experts—tap into our years of experience dealing with compliance requirements across a wide range of highly regulated industries.

What is the role of governance and compliance?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, governance and compliance play pivotal roles in ensuring a company's stability and success. Governance encompasses the framework of rules, practices, and processes that guide decision-making and operational management. Compliance, on the other hand, revolves around adhering to relevant laws and regulations that safeguard the organisation's integrity. Together, these twin pillars enable businesses to proactively address potential risks, audit performance, and maintain industry standards. By embracing effective governance and compliance strategies, organisations establish a robust foundation for digital transformation and secure technological evolution. Through meticulous oversight, they navigate complexities, enhance their resilience, and confidently drive innovation while staying aligned with legal and ethical frameworks.

“Tap into our years of experience delivering Compliance and Governance support and advice to highly regulated industries. We’ll help you get a complete snapshot of your risk to demonstrate your compliance with confidence.” Peter Kenny, Head of Compliance and Governance, Canon Business Services ANZ

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Delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

Highly regulated IT.

We specialise in highly regulated industries where data protection is critical for a competitive edge. We’ve helped hundreds of organisations transition to secure, compliant IT environments, conforming with APRA, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 requirements and obligations.

Partnership in performance.

As part of the Canon Group—one of the world’s most trusted companies—we help you realise your full potential and extract the most value for your organisation. Partner with us to get you where you want to be faster—we’re here to help you go the distance.

Secure and compliant platforms.

Our industry-leading platforms are ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified, APRA-aligned, and we're working toward GDPR compliance to provide you total peace of mind when reporting back to boards and regulators. Feel total confidence reporting back to boards and regulators.

Stay a step ahead.

Get the performance, flexibility and cost-efficient Governance and compliance  solutions you need to stay one step ahead.  

governance Compliance

How does Canon Business Services Australia ensure effective Governance and Compliance?

Fulfilling our obligations as a service provider, CBS Australia applies an appropriate IT GRC framework, supported by suite of Information Security policies and standards, formally endorsed by business leaders.

Our posture is reinforced through a state of continual audit, reinforcing effective IT GRC practices at all levels of the organisation. Risk management practices are therefore embedded into all business activities.

Customers can be assured that we deliver effective outcomes within legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to the organisation, and relevant to supporting our customer business obligations.

Governance and Compliance, get it done.

Our CBS Australia team has the breadth of knowledge and experience you need to ensure you’re meeting your obligations forged over decades in the industry. We believe getting on with change is critical, and we’re focused on outcomes, giving you access to strategy, operations, support and service delivery specialists under one vendor. Contact us now to see how we can help you with your Governance and IT Compliance needs.

Governance and compliance

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Get on top of your Governance and Compliance requirements and documentation today. We’ll show you how with a Cloud Security Compliance and Governance solution.

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“When you’ve got a business that is so dependent on security and so heavily regulated, your outsourcing partners have to be 100% trustworthy and reliable. I’ve been in IT for over 30 years and never found an organisation like Canon Business Services ANZ that we could trust not only to get stuff done but to do it right.” Dave Wilcox, CIO, Unity Bank

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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

Industries we help


Our fully certified solutions help ensure your business meets all its regulatory requirements.

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Other IT Security and Compliance services

We deliver a range of IT Security services to help you achieve more. Tailor a solution to meet your exact needs and start optimising your operations today.


Frequently asked questions

What does Governance and Compliance mean?

Governance involves the framework of rules, practices, and processes that guide decision-making and manage operations. Compliance ensures adherence to relevant laws and regulations. Together, they help businesses anticipate risks, assess performance, and meet industry standards. Effective oversight of Governance and Compliance supports risk management, legal obligations, and the use of GRC software, tools, and systems. By assessing and managing risks, organisations ensure stability and regulatory alignment. GRC models and programs, guided by senior management, ensure compliance and industry-standard practices. This comprehensive approach, known as Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), aligns operations, minimises risks, and safeguards integrity.

Why is IT Governance and Compliance important?

In technology-driven businesses, IT Governance and Compliance hold paramount importance. Establishing governance policies ensures that decisions concerning organisational technology are made efficiently, aligning with both short and long-term objectives. Compliance frameworks offer crucial safety and security in today's digital landscape, safeguarding data from internal and external threats.

What are some of the challenges associated with Governance and Compliance?

IT Governance and Compliance present various hurdles for businesses, such as determining necessary measures to uphold IT system integrity. Challenges also include ensuring policy adherence, securing resources for activities, and consistent monitoring. As technology advances, maintaining current Governance and Compliance needs becomes complex. Expanding organisations often lack unified Governance and Compliance frameworks for different regions. The complexity deepens when embracing new tech, cultures, practices, and varying regulations across jurisdictions.

Meeting these challenges requires meticulous risk management, aligning with regulatory obligations, and using GRC tools. Effective Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs, along with internal audits, are vital in addressing these complexities. As businesses evolve, the unified approach to Governance and Compliance management becomes crucial.

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