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Your frequent comms, sorted out with our managed communications services.

Regular mail campaigns and send-outs, whether by email, SMS, or physical mail, can drain your resources, take up valuable office real-estate, cause risk and compliance issues, and divert your people from higher-value tasks. We can help.

Get an integrated solution for all your high-volume, repetitive outbound communications, including invoice sending, customised email distribution, personalised emails and SMS, automated and manual enveloping and inserting, bulk send-outs, and marketing campaigns.

Tailor a solution that meets your communication needs exactly. We work with a variety of Australian industry sectorsincluding Tier 1 enterpriseswho rely on us to send their monthly customer printed invoices and statements, or marketing agencies who need SMS reminders organised for promotions.

Integrated Outbound Communications content image
Integrated Outbound Communications content image

A complete end-to-end communications service.

Choose our outbound print or digital communication services (or a combination of both) for a 360-degree Outbound Communication service to ensure your suppliers and customers receive critical communications, such as monthly statements, important notices or SMS reminders. Transfer your print-ready files straight to our print queues—we’ll check your data and submit the job for production based on your requirements. We can also populate static templates with your data, mail merge, print and send collateral in any format you require.

Our digital outbound production services include customised email distribution personalised to each recipient with attachments or links to your website and payment portal to help your customers navigate to details about your business seamlessly. Or, quickly update local and global customers via SMS with full personalisation and relevant links to further information.

You’ll also get full reports to track your communications and gather vital business information, including lodgement confirmations, bouncebacks, volume data, print statistics and potential security threats.

Automation Toolkit

Detangle the confusion of Digital Transformation with our free guide to starting your automation journey.

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CBS’ Managed Communication Services: Reduce costs. Boost certainty.

Fast turnarounds.

Automate your comms with our secure, expert print and digital production services.

Tailored to your needs.

Get services tailored to fit and built to scale. We work closely with you to document your existing processes and identify where you can improve before introducing you to your new, highly skilled team.

Customise your message.

Determine how your customers see your business with customised and branded templates, packaging, and stationery designed to be noticed. Get templates for seamlessly aggregating your mail across multiple locations and departments.

Multichannel delivery.

Get your message in front of the right people. If we can’t reach recipients via email, we can revert to physical mail or SMS. Always ensure the most cost-efficient and compliant communication method for your business.

No delays or bottlenecks.

Outsource your outbound communications to ensure your message is never held up again. With our 99.9% device uptime, national footprint ensuring full BCP and consumable availability, you’ll instantly increase efficiency and operational excellence.

Reduce your footprint.

Take the first step to being 100% paperless and fast-track your digital transformation journey today.

Types of communication services

Discover a range of communication services designed to streamline your business operations. From high-volume outbound communications to personalised email distribution and SMS reminders, our services cater to diverse industry needs. Choose between print and digital options, benefiting from tailored solutions and comprehensive reporting. Experience efficiency, cost reduction, and expert support, backed by over 25 years of trusted outsourcing. Embrace a future-ready approach with our integrated outbound communication solutions.

managed communication services

Get Integrated Outbound Communications solutions tailored to fit your business. Customise how you deliver your message with physical, digital and SMS communications provided by mailroom and print experts who know how to scale and evolve as you do, plus comprehensive reporting to track your communications so that you can adapt to your customers’ needs.

Integrated Outbound Communications content image

Delivered by experts. Trusted by industry leaders.

95% customer satisfaction.

We’ve been delivering trusted outsourcing services for over 25 years, evolving to meet our customer’s needs as their operations grow.

Leverage our network.

Take advantage of Canon’s preferred supplier network to get more competitive pricing and access our national network of Canon print hubs for business continuity. Plus, our DPID barcode identification capabilities significantly reduce your post office sorting and postage costs.

Multiple locations.

We have operations centres in four Philippines locations and multiple technology hubs across ANZ. You get guaranteed service continuity led by local senior managers in Australia and New Zealand.

Oversight, control and compliance.

Comprehensive reports showing where, when and to whom you send your communications. Information security, governance and compliance are built in, and we’re fully accredited in the ISMS framework, Information Security Policy, System Acquisition and more.

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Take the first step toward digital transformation today with our end-to-end Integrated Outbound Communications services.

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"Each month, we print and mail thousands of letters and statements. We have managed this internally for years and were considering outsourcing this function. When the pandemic hit, we could no longer access our office facilities–finding a solution to ensure our printing and mailing service could continue became critical. In under two weeks, Canon Business Services ANZ stood up with a solution encompassing our daily print jobs and mailing requirements. Not only was this a cost-effective solution, but the quality control has been excellent.” Hugh Peck, General Manager, Insurance & Superannuation Administration Services Pty Ltd

Case Study

Case study AU: Victoria University reduces mail handling with offsite Mailroom Management.

This case study is about how Victoria University reduce their mail, courier, and management costs, as well as their CO2 emissions. Find out more here.
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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.

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