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The details

More agile SD-WAN network solution delivering outstanding capabilities.

Completed the deployment of the initial services within a short 1-week period.

Implemented a complete secure branch solution at 12 locations across Australia and internationally.

The Challenge


AAM Group is a global spatial information technology provider that collects, analyses and delivers large sets of data. With 260 staff at 12 locations, AAM provides several data and enterprise solutions, from business mapping to asset and geographical information systems. As a global company dealing with large datasets across vast environments, it requires extensive resources to flexibly manage its diverse data transmission needs. AAM must also adapt to business changes quickly to accommodate the constant relocating, scaling and remote work occurring in the business at any given time. This makes it critical for AAM to have a secure and scalable network solution supporting its operations.

AAM noticed that the legacy infrastructure it had in place was unable to keep up with its communications and data needs. Speed, reliability and customer service were declining and the business was suffering in the wake of downtime, failures and IT outages. AAM knew that if it did not intervene, customer support would suffer, while billing issues and slow network problems would likely increase. It was clear that AAM needed a more agile SD-WAN network solution that could deliver outstanding capabilities, sustaining an inevitable expansion of its data requirements over time. Working with Canon Business Services (formerly Harbour IT), a leader in Cloud and managed services, AAM moved its on premise infrastructure into the Canon Business Services (CBS) Cloud. CBS suggested AAM transition to NetSG’s Managed Secure SD-WAN solution due to our proven capability in providing not only the robust solution required, but one that could also be integrated flexibly and with minimal disruptions.

“The outcome is an agile end-to-end SD-WAN solution delivered seamlessly, on time and on budget, while accommodating AAM’s large data needs.”

Scott Chapman, IT Manager, AAM

NetSG’s SD-WAN Solution

CBS and NetSG collaborated to successfully transition AAM to a SD-WAN environment, implementing a complete secure branch solution at 12 locations across Australia and internationally. Built on FORTINET™ Secure SD-WAN, we skillfully implemented the solution with field support and remote-hands capability.

A seamless migration

We completed the deployment of the initial services within a short one-week period, working at all hours of the day with CBS to accommodate AAM’s timeline. Thanks to the flexible service provided, AAM was very pleased to report that there was no downtime or disruption to its services throughout the migration. We helped AAM move a substantial amount of data – all carried on the NetSG backbone – from its multiple sites to the Cloud. With the best last-mile options on fibre to regional locations, transfers to AWS remained consistent at all Australian and International sites throughout the transition. “I am most impressed with the customer service we received from NetSG and CBS. NetSG responded excellently to all challenges and resolved each issue along the way. Plus, the team accommodated our short and changing timeline without fuss. All this meant that our migration was as seamless as it could possibly be,” says Scott.

A scalable solution for future growth

Scott is confident that NetSG’s SD-WAN solution is scalable to meet AAM’s future data needs. AAM will be able to ramp up its data movement, even as its bandwidth usage increases. Plus, there’s the flexibility to add and relocate sites efficiently, enabling the network to scale and grow alongside the business. “Thanks to the service we received from NetSG and CBS, we now have seamless infrastructure between our sites that fit our needs perfectly – both for the present and long term,” says Scott.


“The result has been a robust, agile SD-WAN network – rolled out effectively, with customer service and project management we could rely on the entire time.”

How can SD-WAN support your organisation?


  • NetSG provides secure, high-performance, managed SD-WAN solutions based on leading FORTINET™ Secure Branch technology.
  • With MPLS-grade performance, seamless connectivity to cloud platforms and competitive connectivity anywhere, we’ll help you meet and exceed your communications needs.
  • With NetSG, you’ll only ever need to deal with one provider — we have a dedicated team of experts on call, to support you.
  • Plus, our network engineers can manage the design, implementation and migration of your solution, ensuring you enjoy the most seamless transition to SD-WAN imaginable.

Looking to transition to SD-WAN? NetSG can help you realise the benefits of SD-WAN while maintaining visibility, security and control. We’ll tailor your solution to your organisation’s specific needs so you can get the results you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

12 locations around Australia

1 week turnaround time

20+ years experience

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