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Keep up with the new speed of business with Private Cloud solutions Australia.

Private Cloud migration in Australia is surging forward, but there’s a disconnect; mission-critical workloads in the Cloud are still fairly low, suggesting some business leaders remain sceptical about moving strategic and sensitive workloads to the Cloud.

Private Cloud Solutions balance the power of Cloud with the peace of mind, control, visibility and predictability that comes with your own IT environment.

CloudMetro is Australia’s next-gen Private Cloud from Canon Business Services Australia. It’s ultra-secure and purpose-built for highly regulated industries, such as Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Not-for-Profit.

When IT performance and data protection are paramount, we give you total control of your IT environment from structure to security and cost to compliance.

Private Cloud content image
Private Cloud content image

Compliance without compromise with CBS’ managed Private Cloud solution Australia.

Keep your business reputation sound with highly available data for Australian regulated industries and where data is a key competitive asset.

• PCI compliance – meet governance and compliance needs
• 27001 certification – swap risk for peace of mind
• APRA prudential guidelines – free up time, talent and budgets
• Annual certification audits – stay ahead of the pack

Fast & secure data access with high-performance Private Cloud solutions.

Built-in data security.

Get full data security and privacy from day one on the secure CloudMetro platform with data confidentiality, integrity and availability features baked in—like data encrypted at rest, 24/7 biometric security and data centre integrity, IDS/IPS, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability and pen testing, and DDoS protection.

99.999% uptime for guaranteed business continuity.

Stop operational interruptions and enjoy one of the market’s highest uptimes with active clustering across two physical locations and data held in multiple Australian data centres. Up your workload availability with real-time data synchronisation and total data sovereignty.

100% data integrity.

Immutable storage for data that’s fixed, unchangeable and can never be deleted – vital to meet recoverable data needs, protect backups from new ransomware infections, and guarantee recovery from an attack.

High-performance hybrid connectivity.

Fast-evolving customer environments require complex solutions, with apps often running across on-premise infrastructure, multi-Cloud, and the edge. Make Azure an extension of your existing network and deliver your apps to end-users globally. Develop agile new solutions for customers without compromising on security.

Support you don’t get every day.

A dedicated, secure environment for a custom IT environment with complete flexibility and control of CPU, RAM and storage. Choose your service level and get the performance you pay for.

Out-of-the-box features.

Seamlessly complement Cisco’s FlexPod and Pure Storage’s FlashStack reference architecture with a dedicated environment without major investment, bare-metal hosting, Cloud Management Portal and self-service capability.

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Unlock the power of Cloud with our Private Cloud solution. Optimise your operations so you can focus, move forward and thrive.

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A company’s Cloud Transformation increases pressure on how IT leaders can best support business performance while ensuring data protection and compliance. CloudMetro is a Private Cloud service specially designed for highly regulated industries. It lets you meet your compliance requirements without compromising your data security.

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Why use CBS’ Private Cloud Solution?

Zero RPO and RTO.
Access your data when and where you need it with synchronous data replication across two CloudMetro data centre locations, supplying zero RPO capabilities that replace traditional disaster recovery methods for total peace of mind.
Cost transparency and predictability.
Eliminate overspending and improve cost predictability. CloudMetro means you only pay for what you need – and unless your virtual resources change, you’ll know exactly what you spend every month.
Total workload control.
Take control with CloudMetro’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) with native Hybrid Cloud capabilities and self-service access. Match your objectives with a high-performing and secure Private Cloud environment—or you can combine Public and Private Cloud Services seamlessly as necessary.
Dedicated assets and customised performance.
A dedicated, secure environment for a custom IT environment with complete flexibility and control of CPU, RAM and storage. Choose your service level and get the performance levels you pay for.
We get you up and running, faster than ever before.
Accelerate digital transformation with powerful Cloud technology that reduces risk and delivers total control of your IT environment – security, compliance, cost and customisation for performance.

Is a Private Cloud solution right for my business?

Private cloud environments offer distinct advantages in terms of control, security, and flexibility. With a private cloud, you retain full control over your data and resources, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected through data encryption. Unlike public clouds, private clouds provide a dedicated environment, either hosted on your premises or managed by a specialised provider. Private cloud services enable customization of your cloud infrastructure to suit your specific needs. This means you can adjust hardware and software configurations for optimal performance. You can choose to manage the private cloud internally or opt for managed private cloud services for streamlined operations. Furthermore, private cloud solutions facilitate integration between private and public clouds, known as hybrid clouds. By using public cloud resources for scalable tasks and private cloud resources for sensitive operations, you achieve a balanced and adaptable cloud infrastructure.

Comparing private cloud computing with public cloud options, private clouds excel in security, data isolation, and compliance. With dedicated private cloud servers, you eliminate resource contention concerns found in public clouds.

Private Cloud


“Working with Canon Business Services ANZ (CBS) was a positive experience from the outset. Our early engagements with the team showed they were comprehensive, knowledgeable and proficient. We were particularly impressed with how the CBS team highlighted issues within our own environment that we were not even aware of. As we progressed through the process of migrating our on-premise infrastructure to the CBS Cloud, the team completely took ownership of the process and left us with much less to do than we had anticipated.” Scott Chapman, IT Manager, AAM Group

Case Study

Case study AU: AAM Group transitions to Private Cloud, CloudMetro

Find out how AAM Australia reaps the benefits of a stable and secure cloud-first environment when Harbour IT transitions AAM Group to Cloud Metro.
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Download the Private Cloud data sheet to get your Cloud journey started.



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Our Approach

We believe no business succeeds alone–and that every organisation should focus on its core business and outsource the rest.

That’s why we take the time to really understand your business goals and find the right-fit solution to keep you agile, resilient and thriving. Then we put the industry’s best to work on the challenges you want to solve.

Stay one step ahead with the right technology, process, automation and talent to keep you moving forward at all times.


Our fully certified solutions help ensure your business meets all its regulatory requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Difference between Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Private Cloud solutions offer companies more flexibility and control over their data than public clouds. Private Clouds are installed on private hardware, usually owned by the company, giving them full control of access to resources. Additionally, Private Clouds enable a higher level of customisation to meet an organisation's unique needs and support their own policies and procedures. On the other hand, Public Cloud offers an alternative for businesses looking for affordable hosting options with limited maintenance and setup costs.

How is CloudMetro different from other Cloud services?

CBS’ Private Cloud solution, CloudMetro, is purpose built for highly regulated industries. Unlike other Private Clouds, ours brings a unique combination of Cloud performance, 99.999% uptime and highly customisable environments, along with built in data security, 100% integrity (immutable backups), and compliance (ISO27001 and PCI DSS). Additionally, our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) delivers self service access to ensures complete visibility and that you’re always in control.

What should I consider when choosing a Private Cloud Solution?

When picking a Private Cloud Solution, remember these points. Prioritise security and reliability for data safety and smooth services. Consider costs for long-term value. Managed support offers expert help. Think about scalability for changing needs. Compare private cloud vs public cloud options and adapt resources efficiently.

What is a Managed Private Cloud?

A Managed Private Cloud is a smart choice for organisations that want the benefits of private cloud environments with expert management. It combines privacy, security, and scalability with skilled cloud services. You control resources and updates easily, boosting efficiency and saving costs. It's a reliable option without premises infrastructure hassles, especially when comparing private cloud vs public cloud options like Microsoft Azure.

When would I need a Managed Private Cloud?

Opt for a Managed Private Cloud when dedicated service and infrastructure are vital for crucial business operations. This choice suits enterprises by eliminating the burden of resource management and upkeep expenses. This approach lets you concentrate on crafting tailored applications and services. Managed Private Clouds provide efficiency in time, cost, and energy, all while adhering to security demands.

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